Birthday Blessings


Parties, presents, and people!!!  Celebrating loved ones on their birthday is one of my favorites!  For those close to me I plan ahead and try to think of ways to make their day super special. But that doesn't mean I have to spend lots of money or even time. The key for me is planning ahead. I think through small things they like and get them ordered. I decide on activities in advance so reservations can be made. And I try to purchase gifts with a personal touch that simply says, "I know you and love you." Because there is something special about simply being known and loved for who we are.

March 16th marks the twins' 12th birthday.  It will be the third birthday we've had to celebrate with one child here and one child in heaven. The year Brexton died their birthday came just 4 short weeks after his funeral. That was a tough one for me and I was tempted to dread their birthday moving forward. But just like I plan ahead for birthdays, the Lord planned ahead for this momma and our family. He gave us Brexton's House as a continual way to celebrate and honor the sweet boy we miss so much.

Last week the girls and I went to help load all of the goodies for Brexton's House. We labeled and loaded bedding, pillows, wall decor, kitchen supplies, rugs, books, stuffed animals and games into massive boxes to be loaded on a container for Zambia. Seeing the huge boxes full of supplies and gifts for these precious boys made me think of the twins’ birthday! The boxes had all of the little things ordered in advance. It also had all of the big, important things that wholeheartedly communicate to these boys that they are seen and known by their Heavenly Father. Our Father went before us as the ultimate Planner to make sure nothing was left undone. And I have no doubt Brexton is watching it all unfold and is so honored to have this house named after him because he always loved being at school and church around kids his age. He would have loved hanging out with these boys!  What a great way to celebrate him this year on his birthday and for many more years to come!

The theme of Brexton's House is "This HOPE we have as an anchor for the soul..." (Hebrews 6:19). Obviously, much of the decor has anchors on it that will be a daily reminder to these boys of the power of Hope. The Hope that keeps us going through dark, difficult seasons. The Hope we have when things don't turn out like we thought they would. The Hope we have in heaven. The Hope we have in His redemption. The Hope we have in Christ alone.