Walls & Doorways

The walls are up!  The doorways have been set in place!  This once empty piece of land now has the resemblance of a home!  Each cinder block represents part of God's restoration and redemption.  Each doorway symbolizes the entrance to a new life and each window frame a view into a changed future.  Brexton’s life…this house…these boys…they are all so connected.  

Brexton received full restoration upon walking through the doorway of Heaven and entered into a glorious new life and eternal future!  While sitting on my lap today, Brenley became very sad about Brexton not being with us on Easter.  We hugged for a long time and then I said, “You know how you’re sitting on Mommy’s lap right now and we’ve been talking all day about Jesus’ Resurrection?  Well you know what Brexton is probably doing today?  He’s probably sitting in Jesus’ lap just like your sitting in my lap!  How awesome is that?”  That brought a smile to her face and comfort to her hurting heart.  Now that is a glorious new life!  In the words of Pastor Mark Jobe at Brexton’s funeral, “In an instant Brexton went from the feet of Jesus to the lap of Jesus.”

And now these boys will walk into a glorious new life at the Tree of Life Children’s Village!  They will walk through that front doorway of Brexton's House on July 29th and their futures will forever be changed!  

Thank you for following along on this journey with us!  Thank you for giving so these walls could go up!  Thank you for praying so these doorways could be set in place!

“See I have set before you an open door, and no one can shut it; for you have a little strength, have kept my Word, and have not denied My Name.”  Revelation 3:8