One Life

Only 12 more days until we board a plane to Zambia!  

This past weekend Jimmy Evans spoke at our church. If you don't know him, he started a ministry called Marriage Today that I would venture to guess has saved tens of thousands of marriages around the world!  He shared with us that many years ago he and his wife Karen were on the brink of divorce. Karen went to life group one night without him and a woman named Sarah Key shared a word from the Lord with Karen about their marriage. That word from the Lord ended up being a lifeline that brought restoration and healing to their marriage. And from that dark time in their marriage they now have the ability to pour into marriages all over the world!

Here's an interesting twist to the story. My college roommate was Sarabeth Key, the daughter of this mighty woman who spoke into Jimmy and Karen's marriage all those years ago. I never got the privilege of meeting Sarah because she died when Sarabeth was a teenager. When I met Sarabeth my first day of college classes she had already been without her mom for several years. But the Lord placed Sarabeth in two of my classes that first semester of college.  We became good friends, then roommates and are still friends to this day.  God used Sarabeth to help me through some very dark days when I was in college, just like He used her mom to help Jimmy and Karen in their marriage.

So when Jimmy started talking about Sarah Key from the stage this weekend many memories flooded my heart!  Memories with Sarabeth and how she showed me how to really love like Jesus, something I’m quite certain her mom showed her!  My heart was then flooded with this phrase: "one life”.  Undoubtedly Sarah Key ministered to and blessed many people throughout her life on earth. But this "one life" of Jimmy Evans that she spoke into ended up being a life that now has a direct impact on thousands upon thousands of lives!  And the “one life” of her daughter Sarabeth that she poured into…then Sarabeth poured into me and modeled for me what walking through hard times with joy really looks like…something that would later help anchor me on my own difficult journey when I became a mom to premature twins and a special needs son.

As the weekend progressed the Lord just kept reminding me of that phrase, "one life!"  Martin and I got to be the parents of one special life named Brexton Isaiah Day. He's now in Heaven with Sarah and I have every reason to believe they have met each other and have shared many stories!  Because in reality, Sarah Key not only poured into Jimmy Evans’ life but also poured into Brexton’s life before he was ever even born.  She went to heaven before I had even met her daughter.  But her daughter significantly impacted me!  Then I got to influence Brexton and now Brexton’s life and legacy gets to keep impacting the world!  And truth be told...I think Brexton impacted me much more than I impacted him!  Oh the impact of “one life!”  If we can just grasp this truth…the one person we love well, the one person we help, the one person we pray over, the one person we serve sacrificially...they might just change the world! And that means we are all changing the world…one person at a time! Never underestimate what God can do through your obedience!  And may we all continue to remember people like Sarah Key and Brexton Day that spoke to the "one life" and will now receive countless treasures in heaven because of the fruit growing from the seeds they planted!

This "one life" changed me forever!

This "one life" changed me forever!